Sell 24 hours a day, with Sesame.

Sesame is vending meets 2022. We empower you to make cashier-less sales, harness predictive insights through artificial intelligence, and nurture new & repeat customers through automated engagement.

How does a Sesame fridge work?

We believe convenience is ๐Ÿ‘‘, so we took your old-fashioned vending machine, and we made it cool.
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For the side hustlers.

Sesame is built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We're here to supplement your income, while making the game fun.

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For the food lovers.

Our world revolves around good food. We built this company to support the little (and growing) brands doing big things in food.

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For the property bosses.

Monetize your space while keeping your people happy with the joy of good food. We're not old school vending that you hide in a dark corner. Lease up while standing out.

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How does Sesame work?

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Sesame is fresh vending meets modern times. We sell our fridges to food brands and entrepreneurs who are looking to sell great food 24 hours a day with no time wasted.

Can I finance the fridge?

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We are working hard to provide a financing option for the fridges - check back soon!

What is the pricing?

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We sell the fridges at cost, and take a percentage of sales. We do this because we believe in having skin in the game. If you're not succeeding, neither are we. We aim to be the easiest way for you to start up.

Will you help find locations?

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Absolutely. Our goal is to be your one-stop-shop to increasing your income as easily as possible. Inquire to learn about our partnerships.

How soon can I start?

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Right now, we are running pre-sales for the very first fridges to hit the market. These fridges will be ready in Summer 2022.ย Join the waitlist quickly to ensure your spot.

Can I wrap the fridge with my own branding?

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If you're an established brand, absolutely. We offer tons of personalization for brands who want to partner with us. Contact us for more information.