14 Engaging Resident Event Ideas for 2022

Are you looking for fresh methods to keep your citizens engaged in their neighborhood?

14 Engaging Resident Event Ideas for 2022

Are you looking for fresh methods to keep your citizens engaged in their neighborhood? Hosting interesting activities for your residents is a terrific way to make them feel valued and to help them see themselves as more than just tenants.


Property managers enjoy resident events because they bring renters and building staff closer together – and provide residents a sense of additional value in the form of a management business that cares about their general well-being.


These events contribute significantly to resident happiness, which, in turn, leads to better rates of resident retention.

1. Bake Sale


Do you have any master bakers in your neighborhood? Organize a baking sale to raise funds for a local charity. Ensure that any allergens are listed and that all treats are handled in a sanitary manner.


You might also provide a free month's rent, exclusive access to your amenities, a utility discount, or any community-oriented reward as an incentive for residents to participate in the bake sale.

2. Food Truck Day


Ona regular, rotational basis, invite local food trucks to park near your property. This can help you form strong bonds with local food truck businesses and keep your inhabitants pleased by filling their bellies.


You can also use this occasion to have one of your residents put up a tiny stage for a mini-concert, as well as bring in additional food vendors such as ice cream vans and other food trucks.

3. Cooking Classes


Chefs can be hired to offer cooking workshops as well! If your building doesn't have a communal kitchen, you may make this a virtual experience for tenants to participate in from the comfort of their own homes using platforms like Zoom,Google Hangouts, or Skype.

4. Valentine’s Day Date


Who says you have to go out on Valentine's Day to have a romantic experience? Host a Valentine's Day Date Night in your community space with plenty of chocolate, flowers, and decorations.


Likewise, you can provide residents with packaged experiences such as a curated activity pack or cooking lesson that they can enjoy from their apartments, bring in a romance expert to host a Q/A session, or offer a special Valentine's Day Dinner for two meal packages with specific food service or restaurant.

5. Halloween Costume Competitions


One of the most enjoyable aspects of Halloween is seeing everyone's imaginative costumes. Host a Halloween party with a costume contest and, of course, plenty of sweets and awards. Encourage everyone in your community to take part, including children, parents, pets, and building staff!

6. Pumpkin Carving Contest


A pumpkin carving contest is another fun Autumn event to host! Residents can try their hand at carving a masterpiece or simply carving something they want if management provides the pumpkins and tools.


To make the night particularly special, provide awards for winning categories and display the pumpkins in your communal space. Playing iconic Halloween tunes and pouring hot apple cider will give an extra spark to the party.

7. 4th Of July Celebrations


Make your tenants' Fourth of July more special by putting on your own fireworks display. Set the tone by serving traditional holiday fares such as hot dogs and hamburgers, and make sure to inform the rest of the neighborhood.


It's a great opportunity for towns with outdoor spaces to use their rooftops, cabanas, or lounges as a focal center to organize the event.

8. Thanksgiving Dinner


Catering a Thanksgiving dinner is a fantastic way to show thanks to people who may not be able to travel home for the holidays. Include some fun games and activities for the younger residents, as well as some warm, fall-themed music, to set the mood and ensure that everyone has a good time.


Property managers can show their appreciation for their residents by subsidizing meals and providing a free Thanksgiving dinner to everyone in their neighborhood.

9. Karaoke Night


A karaoke night is the epitome of fun! Invite locals to a night of lighthearted singing in the lounge. You'll need to find a karaoke machine and sound equipment, as well as appoint a night's MC from your most outgoing building team member.


Don't forget the drinks, since some of your shyer residents may require some encouragement to sing their favorite karaoke song.

10. Carnival


Show your community's children that you care by throwing an annual carnival with all the trimmings. For maximum fun, rent a bouncy house, hire a face painter, grill some burgers, and set out plenty of games. You may take it a step further and theme your carnival, with interesting themes like Medieval, outer space, or seaside.

11. Pet Adoption Drive


Request a local pet adoption center to organize a pet adoption event in your community space if your building is pet-friendly!


This can be a terrific way to lift spirits during stressful times like college finals, tax day, elections, and other events. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved, as it brings neighbors together while simultaneously finding homes for animals in need.

12. Scavenger Hunt


A scavenger hunt is a pleasant activity that draws inhabitants together without actually requiring them to do so. Hide stuff around your neighborhood and create a list of entertaining riddles to assist your neighbors in locating them.


This gives community managers a fun method to encourage tenants to explore their neighborhood and discover all of the beneficial apartment facilities located throughout the building.


Encourage your tenants to snap photos of items they find and publish them on social media with your building's social media account tagged to generate free publicity for your community. Don't forget to provide awards to the winners!

13. Movie Night


Movie nights, whether in person or online, are a terrific way to bring your community together. You may even rent a projector and screen to make it an outside affair if the weather is great.


Residents can also be encouraged to dress up, either to match the movie's theme or for a red-carpet celebration. Don't forget to bring some popcorn!

14. Video Game Competition


Use the community room in your building to arrange a video game tournament for the inhabitants. It's much more enjoyable to do this on a regular basis and rotate the game selections so that residents of all ages can participate.