4 Best Real Estate Software to Engage Your Tenants

Property management software can assist you in attracting, screening, and managing renters.

4 Best Real Estate Software to Engage Your Tenants

The property management industry in the United States generates around $88.4billion in annual revenue.


With so much money flowing through real estate rentals, it's no surprise that a slew of software businesses have sprung up to assist investors, landlords, and property managers in staying organized, not only for day-to-day tenant communication and management but also to prepare for tax season.


Property management software may assist you in attracting, screening, and managing renters, as well as responding to their maintenance needs and accounting for all of the associated costs and revenue.


We looked at a few property management software firms to see which ones would be best for you based on the size of your portfolio, the type of building and tenants you have, and your budget.


But it's just as vital to understand why we chose each of these as the greatest a sit is to know who is the finest. Continue reading to learn about each company's strengths and shortcomings so you can find your perfect fit.



Buildium's extensive service, designed by property managers for property managers, enables property owners to remotely handle every part of their business, earning it the greatest overall choice for both residential and association property managers.


Buildium, our top pick, is a thorough rental management software that lets property managers manage everything from online rent payments to vacancy management, maintenance cycles, and accounting. Buildium automates the entire property management process with capabilities like accounting, business operations, leasing, and community association management.


With tenant and lease tracking, automated rent and fee reminders, complete general ledger accounting, and on-demand reports, it streamlines the lead-to-rent collection cycle. Buildium includes a customized tenant site that lets property managers collect online payments instantly, among other advantages.


They provide a free 15-day trial, albeit there is no free version. The cost is determined by the number of units you manage, and it begins at $50 per month for up to 150 units. With a limit of 5,000 units, the cost per unit decreases as the number of units increases. Anyone who signs up for annual billing gets a10% discount from Buildium.


Buildium is quite straightforward to use because it streamlines the entire process, yet basic users may not be able to take advantage of all of its features. Buildium features a ticket-based customer support system to help users navigate it more easily, yet there have been some concerns about how slow it responds to clients.



AppFolio is a good choice among landlords with big rental portfolios since it provides the most advanced tools for remotely controlling your units, as well as additional assistance and resources to help you grow your business and enhance its efficiency.


AppFolio has designed à la carte tools that a landlord would need to operate and grow their business remotely, getting our top choice for best for advanced features.


AppFolio is great for those who have numerous properties because it doesn't have tiered pricing, instead of charging an onboarding charge and then a monthly fee based on the number of units.


While every advanced feature is pay-as-you-go, there is a $280 minimum monthly fee, which implies smaller property managers will have to pay a higher per-unit cost if they manage fewer than 166 commercial units or 200 residential rentals.


Residential properties, commercial buildings, student housing, and community associations are among the property categories supported by AppFolio.


AppFolio includes everything a landlord would require software, rent collection functions, maintenance requests, marketing tools for many platforms, utility bills, and customizable web leases because each feature is tailored to the unique property type you're utilizing.


A leasing assistant ai - based, expert websites for your properties, premium leads, tenant screening, insurance for landlords and renters, online payments, maintenance help desk, utility management, automated accounts payable, and tenant debt collections are among the advanced features available as options.



The pricing strategy of TurboTenant places all of the costs on the tenants, making it the greatest free choice for landlords.


Regardless of how many units you manage, TurboTenant is completely free. Whereas many free rental property management software solutions leave a lot to be desired,TurboTenant has a user-friendly design and setup.


ThoughTurboTenant is free for landlords, tenants must pay a $45 application and screening charge, a 3.49 percent credit card rent payment cost, and a monthly renters insurance fee starting at $8.


Fora one-time price, landlords may get state-specific lease agreements for $29, an unlimited number of electronic signatures for $9, and 32 commonly used landlord forms for $99.


Landlords can use TurboTenant for a variety of tasks, including managing applications and screening tenants online, building dedicated listing pages, and sending mass tenant messages from a single inbox.


Landlords may market a vacant home across various platforms with a single click by linking with other rental listing sites.


You can then use TransUnion to screen tenants, send and sign any papers online, and send payment and maintenance requests via the platform. Payments can be made via ACH, which has no costs, or by credit card, which has a 3.49 percent fee.



SimplifyEm was created by real estate experts and offers the appropriate blend of affordability and functionality for landlords who need help managing a few properties but don't want to pay the high costs of other software solutions.


WhileSimplifyEm can handle any number of units from one to 2,000, it's perfect for a small number of properties because you can start with as little as $20 per month if you have fewer than ten.


You may sign up for a free 15-day trial account without entering your credit card information. This platform can be managed without the help of a dedicated professional. Regardless of their experience, independent property owners should find this useful.


SimplifyEm was created to provide landlords with a straightforward and easy approach to manage their properties while also saving time and money.


Users may keep track of their revenue and expenses, receive rent and tenant applications online, screen tenants, generate and analyze owner reports, manage maintenance requests, save documents, and automate repetitive operations.


Since it is cloud-based, you can get started right away.