5 Healthy Vending Options for the Denver Area

Chances are, you’ve used a vending machine more than once in your life.

5 Healthy Vending Options for the Denver Area

Chances are, you’ve used a vending machine more than once in your life. They are everywhere, and for good reason: because they provide quick, yummy food to people with very little effort. People love them because they can eat on the go, no matter how busy they are. But many vending machines can have one issue: they don’t offer any healthy food. 

For those of us who like to eat healthier, whatever the reason, vending machines often don’t have good options. So if you own an apartment complex or commercial building, getting a vending machine with healthy food options will set your building apart, and give people more options. 

But where are you supposed to find good, delicious Denver healthy vending machine options? Let’s take a look at a few great options you can get for your business. 

1. Denver Healthy Vending

Denver Healthy Vending is a self-described “healthy vending revolution”. They offer delicious, high quality products that are also delicious. Their vending machines are packed with foods that will be good for your diet and your taste buds. 

They cater to all kinds of buildings and locations. And they provide more than just vending machines— you can get mini markets and coffee services. Whatever your healthy vending needs, this is a good option. 

2. Healthy Habits/Denver Vending Services

Healthy Habits has been around for a long time (more than 30 years), and they’re passionate about what they do. They care about getting delicious, quality foods to people as easily as possible, so you don’t have to stress about food distribution. And just like the previous option, they provide free installation, as well as free delivery. 

3. Allied Vending Service 

When it comes to Denver healthy vending, this is one of the smaller options, but by no means less valuable. Allied Vending is a family-run business, and they’ve also been around for a while. They provide a whole host of services, from lots of vending machine options to mini markets and coffee services. 

No matter what type of vending machine you get, it is sure to have great options. They stock their machines with lots of brand name food, so you know you are getting the best quality. And they have a great selection of healthy food choices. 

4. Canteen

Canteen is a much larger business, and provides vending services all over the country. But they also serve the Denver area and have a lot of options for you to choose from. 

They provide healthy food choices, but that’s not all they do. They also have snacks, beverages, and even ice cream! And, if you want to keep people safe while feeding them, they have vending machines that can dispense PPE quickly and easily. So whatever your needs, Canteen could be a good option for you. 

5. A Mama Gaia fridge

For a more sophisticated and eye-catching choice, Mama Gaia is essentially like a Whole Foods meets vending machine. When you think of vending, your first thought might not be a smart fridge. But a Mama Gaia fridge could fit the needs and interest of your tenants just as well--if not better--than a traditional vending machine. 

The fridge can be opened from an app on your phone, and you pay through the app as well. All of the items inside are tracked via AI camera recognition, meaning that over time, the fridge offerings become more and more tailored to your tenants’ favorites. And unlike most vending machines, you can get a full healthy meal out of this fridge, not just a quick snack. You can find anything from a fresh baguette sandwich, to a green salad, to kombucha and cold brew coffee in a Mama Gaia fridge. So if you’re looking for a healthy food option to elevate your building and attract new tenants, a Mama Gaia fridge might be perfect for you. 

Dispensing options

From brand name healthy foods to fully stocked fridges to chilled ice cream, there are a lot of Denver healthy vending machine options. Give them all a look, and find one that fits whatever your needs may be. You and the people you’re serving will definitely enjoy having an quick source of healthy foods around.