How Customers are Moving Towards Healthier Food Options

How Customers are Moving Towards Healthier Food Options

How Customers are Moving Towards Healthier Food Options

Increasing consciousness for health and wellness among American customers has helped drive rapid changes in the food industry. According to L.E.K. Consulting’s 2018 food and beverage survey, 93% of customers want to eat healthy at least some of the time, while 63% of these customers try to eat healthy most or all the time. Healthy or health-oriented food mainly includes fresh, natural, additive-free and substantially produced food.

 Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has also made Americans become more aware of their health and what kind of food they put into their bodies. With the closing of gyms and restaurants in the name of public safety, many people have been forced to cook their own meals and exercise in or around their homes instead. With this increased emphasis on working out and cooking from home, many Americans have become much more conscious of the nutritional value of the food they buy. For those looking to stay in good shape during quarantine, this means buying and making fresher and healthier snacks and meals to have throughout the day. This begs the question, what healthy, fresh food sources can people reliably access either at their places of residence or while on-the-go in the age of COVID?

Mama Gaia

 One answer to this dilemma are the amenities provided by Mama Gaia, one of the healthiest on-the-go food options available. At Mama Gaia, we use our Smart Fridge technology to provide fresh, healthy snacks and meals to customers at offices, residential communities, universities and even hospitals. We thus empower businesses to provide its people with fresh, locally-sourced meals and snacks, without needing to provide an onsite staff or kitchen. The fresh, healthy meals that we provide to customers in our Smart Fridges ranges from salads, paninis, cold brew coffee, smoothies, kombucha, protein bars and more.  

A significant advantage we have here at Mama Gaia in the age of COVID is the general ease and convenience of our services. Each of our Smart Fridges are equipped with AI computer technology. This technology allows our customers to simply walk up, unlock the fridge with the Mama Gaia app, grab whatever they want inside, shut the door and get on with the rest of their day. Additionally, we make sure to place our Fridges at locations where people spend most of their days, including residential communities, allowing the food to be ready whenever customers want it. In turn, our data-driven algorithm informs how every Fridge is stocked, so each will be more personalized to what customers are looking for in each specific environment.

Organic Food

In the age of COVID, customers have also started to turn to fresher and more organic meal options over processed food. As consumers seek clean products without chemicals or human-made modifications to put into their bodies, they are taking higher notice of organic ingredients in order to improve their health and wellness.

According to the Organic Trade Association, organic food products accounted for 90% of a $55 billion organic product industry in 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic seemed to increase those growth numbers significantly, as 2020 was on track to exponentially surpass last year’s records.

Organic produce consumption was also up double digits. Industry reports showed that in March, April and May of 2020, organic produce trended upwards as consumers adopted an inherent understanding that organic foods offer significant health benefits.

Ultimately, a raised awareness of general health and cleanliness practices in the age of COVID has increasingly moved customers towards healthier and fresher food options within their daily lives.