How On-the-Go Food will Rebound in a Big Way Post-COVID

How On-the-Go Food will Rebound in a Big Way Post-COVID

How On-the-Go Food will Rebound in a Big Way Post-COVID

It’s safe to say that the ability to get food quickly on the go has become a necessity for any busy professional or college student. In the past, this was more difficult to manage as many options for on-the-go food weren’t seen as the healthiest. Nowadays, however, there are much more healthy, on-the-go food options available to customers than ever before.

Mama Gaia

One of the healthiest on-the-go food options available is Mama Gaia. Mama Gaia uses our Smart Fridge technology to offer healthy, on-the-go meals and snacks to offices, residential communities, universities and hospitals alike. In turn, we empower businesses to provide its people with fresh, locally-sourced meals and snacks, without an onsite kitchen or staff. The meals Mama Gaia offers to customers ranges from salads, paninis, cold brew coffee, smoothies, kombucha, protein bars and more.

In the age of COVID-19, getting food quickly and safely while on the go has become more important than ever. According to the 2020 Food & Health Survey, conducted in April by the International Food Information Council (IFIC), 85% of Americans said they had experienced at least some change in their eating or food preparation habits because of COVID-19. That’s why it’s extremely useful for companies like Mama Gaia to utilize amenities like the Smart Fridge in order to provide healthy and fresh food while minimizing human contact. Given the usefulness and ease of this technology, it would be logical to think that on-the-go food options will be able to make a comeback once more people are able to go out in public safely. With this in mind, here are the top reasons healthy, on-the-go food services will experience a significant rise in popularity post-COVID.


With many people having to stay inside because of lockdowns during COVID, it stands to reason that gyms will be extremely popular post-pandemic. Experts predict gyms will make a rebound in 2021 after experiencing a COVID-induced crisis in 2020. After having to exercise in their homes for months, people will flock to the gyms once they are open to capacity once more. With more people on the go and working out, they will surely crave healthy food options. At Mama Gaia, for example, we make it our mission to prepare and offer organic vegetarian (and gluten-free) food accessible to everyone.While placing Smart Fridges at or nearby local gyms, Mama Gaia and other on-the-go health food providers could get reliable business from that crowd post-COVID. Mama Gaia’s fridge locations at offices, residential communities, universities and hospitals could also see a jump in business from people looking to fit quick, healthy eating into their busy day-to-day schedules. Ultimately, offering healthy food to people out in public looking at places where they spend most of their days is a significant way in which on-the-go eating options will rebound stronger than ever post-COVID.         


A major advantage that on-the-go health food providers have in a post-COVID world is general ease and convenience of their services. Mama Gaia’s Fridges are equipped with AI computer vision technology. This technology allows customers to simply walk up, unlock the fridge with the Mama Gaia app, grab whatever they like inside, shut the door and get on with their days.this convenience and ease of use, allows customers to simply grab the food they want and keep going with their busy days. Mama Gaia also makes sure to place their Fridges at locations people spend most of their day, allowing the food to be ready whenever customers want it. Furthermore, our data-driven algorithms inform how they stock each fridge, so each will become more personalized to what customers want in each specific environment. This AI technology makes it much easier for people to grab food on the go and keep going with their days, especially in a more crowded and busy post-COVID world.

In conclusion, with many more Americans going back out in public while continuing their busy day-to-day lives, on-the-go health food options should experience a significant comeback after COVID.