Vendor Spotlight: SeedRanch

Ever thought popcorn, umami, and vegan cheddar flavor would go well together?

Vendor Spotlight: SeedRanch

SeedRanch Flavor Company is showing us how to explore culinarily inspired flavors you wouldn’t normally reach for.

it’s all about the flavor

SeedRanch Flavor Company is just that—a flavor company. While they make uniquely original hot sauces, seasonings, and popcorns, they’re focused on putting a new spin on mealtime and snacking.

“As a flavor company, we really want to turn cooks into chefs, and turn everyday meals into delicious gourmet flavor experiences,” says David Delcourt, SeedRanch’s Chief of Flavor.

ingredients that make a difference

It should come as no surprise that this Colorado-based company holds a higher standard when it comes to ingredients. (They’re in a Sesame Smart Fridge, after all.)

Everything is 100% plant-based, and anything that can be produced and sourced organically automatically makes the cut. Atypical flavors are in favor, too, like umami, porcini mushrooms, Thai lemongrass, and ginger.

While not all ingredients are local to Colorado, they’re carefully grown and sourced to produce that mouthwatering flavor in each of SeedRanch’s products.

inspiring a new way to eat

We know what you’re thinking. What the heck can you do with umami-flavored popcorn? Or Thai green hot sauce?

There’s a method to the madness here: thinking outside the recipe box.“We want people to think, ‘what is umami?’ We want them to have these delicious flavors, and can then take them a step further,” adds David.

With the popcorn, you can switch up your snacking routine with an irresistible guilt-free, plant-powered option. With the hot sauces and seasonings, you can take your favorite meals, and give them an unexpected twist. Once you start adding SeedRanch flavors into your recipes, you’ll wonder why nobody introduced you to them sooner.

find seedranch

Open up a Sesame Smart Fridge and you’ll find one of SeedRanch’s irresistibly delicious popcorns. We’re one of the few places you can find these treasures!

Diverse hot sauce flavors can be found throughout Colorado at select King Sooper’s, Natural Grocers, and Safeway stores. You can also order directly from their website,, or on Amazon.

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