Vendor Spotlight: Unwrapp'd Energy Bites

Our everyday eating habits and food choices directly impact our environment.

Vendor Spotlight: Unwrapp'd Energy Bites

Our everyday eating habits and food choices directly impact our environment, and while we try to limit waste where we can, there’s still room to improve, starting with energy bars.

Now, it’s hard to believe that something so simple like an energy bar can actually do harm to the planet. But the fact is, single-use packaging has become an increasingly contributed to the waste problem around the world. Luckily, one Denver company is looking to eliminate waste with every bite: Unwrapp’d.

rethinking the wrapper

Unwrapp’d was founded in 2017 by Tom Miner when he found himself at a crossroads. He realized his love for protein bars was incredibly wasteful. And with just one look at his waste bin full of bar wrappers, he knew he had to do something about all that trash.

As it turns out, all of those wrappers have what’s called barrier packaging. What they put in there to keep the bars shelf stable can’t go through a street-side recycling service, so all of it has to go to the landfill.

“That was the first impetus to it: the packaging side. And then with the bars, I realized I couldn’t pronounce half of the ingredients,” says Tom.

With his sights set on packaging his favorite snack in a recyclable and reusable container, Tom teamed up with Maria Capecelatro, now co-founder and head of nutrition and product, and Reed McIntyre, to perfect the recipe and get their sustainable product out the door.

goodness filled in every bite

All Unwrapp’d flavors are plant-based and free of gluten, soy, dairy, and natural flavors/preservatives. Their ingredients are sourced as local and close to home as possible, opting for whole food ingredients like dates, cocoa butter, and stone-ground peanut butter.

“You should be able to read the ingredient list and know that everything is a true food ingredient—something you can just buy at the grocery store. For us, it starts with things that are grown in the ground,” adds Tom.

a trifecta of trends

As a plant-based, fresh, and sustainably packaged snack, Unwrapp’d is making a name for itself. With no other energy bars following the sustainability trend—at least for now—Unwrapp’d stands out in their category.

Unwrapp’d is redefining the energy bar with a new format that includes all the best parts of a bar: convenient, shareable, and on-the-go; but you don’t have to eat the whole thing in one sitting. Have just one, or just one bite and save it for later. However you snack, Unwrapp’d has you covered.

find unwrapp’d

Pick up a container of Unwrapp’d bites inside a Mama Gaia Smart Fridge, their website, Amazon, Nooch Vegan Market, Infinity Goods, and grocery stores across Denver, Northern California, and the Midwest.

A word of warning: these energy bites are seriously addicting!